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Immersion in Spanish


The method we use is CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Approach) which results in doing all kinds of activities in Spanish, preparing the students with the specific vocabulary of each activity beforehand. We also do cultural visits to Madrid, Salamanca, Segovia, Avila and Toledo.

Work units for Spanish:

  • Cookery course
  • Making a TV programme
  • Orienteering with map and compass
  • Dance and aerobic
  • “Top models” parade/ Fashion show
  • Shopping in the village
  • Adventure activities e.g.: archery, mountain biking, horse riding etc, in Spanish.
  • Team building games
  • Interviews with different professionals: farmers, shopkeepers…
  • Astronomy with telescope
  • Ecological walk
  • Spanish music
  • Mimicry
  • Quiz show
  • Spanish card games
  • Treasure Hunt in the village learning directions
  • Treasure Hunt in Avila, Salamanca…



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