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Season 2017!




We like to welcome you to our English Summer camps at Gredos Centre




Summercamp with English classes, (1,5 h. in the mornings) + Recreational Activities in English the rest of the day.

Price for 8 nights - 9 days: 649€



Double staff and English at all times. Kids are with Camp leaders during the day (they have an 8 hour shift).  Kids are with Care takers for wake up and breakfast time,  lunch, shower and dinner time and for night activities. There is another team of camp leaders for recreational activities. There is also a night guard. It means that your children are with people that have time to rest and stay focused. Almost all staff are foreigners and speak fluently English.

Morning English classes: most of the times they take place outdoors and include educational games; the difference with the other activities is that they deal with specific grammatical and vocabulary modules.

Recreational Activities in English: there are several and different kinds and they are all done in English. We do games, creative workshops, sports, archery, etc. and they take place on the Gredos Centre premises, indoors as well as outdoors. Then there are the activities that take place in the surroundings of Gredos Centre, like horse riding and mountain biking (only available at 14 days camp), Multiadventure Park, swimming pool, ecological walks with their corresponding explanations about ecosystems, etc.

There is place for free time too, after breakfast and lunch, when they can play outdoors, read or stay in their rooms for a nap and occasionally after dinner.

Lodging: there are bedrooms for 5 to 8 people. Bathrooms are shared by some of the bedrooms, but always exclusive for boys or girls.

Dates: from Friday July 21 till Saturday July 29, 2017.

Shower time: preferable time is at the end of the activities and before dinner, after dinner there are night games or they watch a film in English.

Meals: they take place in the dining room, all participants together. We cater to special food requirements like allergies. We follow protocols for medicines. We offer homemade meals prepared by our kitchen team, who are like mothers for the children. Every day we receive freshly baked bread from a firewood oven.

You can call your children every three or four days during the fortnight, the dates will be given to parents on the day of arrival.
Anyway, communication is always  possible since there is special staff at the Centre to solve incidents and to contact parents, in case it would be necessary.

There is a Medical Centre in the town of Navarredonda de Gredos (1,5 km from Gredos Centre) with a doctor  24/7  and an ambulance.

When you have decided: you will have to fill in a Registration Form and a Medical Form that is attached to this file which you will have to sign and send back. When we receive them, we will contact you to confirm availability and give you the bank details for a 250€  deposit.

Around 20 days previous to the beginning of the Camp, we will send you the final invoice with registration number, and the remaining amount to be paid. Together with the invoice you will receive the Clothing kit list, FAQ’s, and general conditions to prepare the trip properly. You will also receive a map indicating how to arrive at Gredos Centre. 

Prices are individual and include IVA. We offer a 5% discount for brothers’ registration. And if somebody has been previously to the Summer camp or has been with his school we offer a 10% discount.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email ( or by phone (920 348 280) if you have questions that are not addressed by this letter.

We hope to meet you at Gredos Centre!


Gredos Centre | Finca Cepeda Mingo s/n | 05635 Navarredonda de Gredos | Ávila | SPAIN | Telephone:+34 920 348 280 |