English Immersion

The ability to understand and communicate in a foreign language is an ability you can acquire for your entire life, no matter if it is in an educational, work-related or recreational context.

What better way to learn a new language for young students than immerse them into a carefully designed cultural environment located a short distance away.

We offer a unique experience based in the passion we feel and try to transfer to every group that visits our Centre, with more than 20 years of expertise and a stunning environment that welcomes us.


Language based activities

  • Cookery course
  • Lay the table
  • English TV programme
  • Top model parade
  • Aerobics
  • Trail in the Village Navarredonda
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Photo Safary
  • Creative Workshops
    • Ephemeral Art
    • T-shirt painting
    • Mandalas
    • Scraped Walets
  • Music and rythm
  • Team Building Games

Science based activities

  • Ecofriendly workshop
  • Food and nutrition
  • Orienteering workshop with map and compass
  • Meteorology workshop
  • Astronomy workshop. Star gazing
  • Geological walk: Granite. Weathering and erosion
  • Ecological walk: Ecosystems. Food chains and webs.
  • Land Insects identification.
  • Plants Identification
  • Regional Park Sierra de Gredos. Conservation
  • Renewable energies

Sports and adventure

  • Archery
  • Mountan biking
  • Horse riding
  • Rope park
  • Team Building Games

*Seasonal activities:

  • Snow shoes
  • Water games and pool

Call us and design your program by choosing one by one every activity. We will adapt each one to your needs and requirements. If you can’t find what you are looking for our coordinators and educators can create personalized new activities.