Work units for Geography

  • Physical Geography:
    • Geology (weathering and erosion, granite scenery)
    • River processes
    • River management (cost-benefit analysis)
    • Bio – Geography: Transects. 4 Ecosystem studies
    • Glacial studies
    • Meteorology (weather station in grounds)
  • Human Geography:
    • Urban settlement (city of Avila) delineation of CBD
    • Rural settlement (comparison of 2 villages) 
    • Farming systems (interviews/input-output diagram)
    • Renewable energies (installations on site)
    • Human impact on environment:
      • Footpath erosion and Litter survey
      • Impact of tourism (visitor pressure/ honey pot effects)

+Guided classroom work prior and after practical field work, including:

  • Methodology: Sampling methods and use of equipment provided.
  • Analysis: how to interpret data, statistical studies, comparison with secondary data provided…