The Centre

We are an independent educational centre where schoolgroups come to do fieldwork studies, Spanish and English immersion programmes, outdoor adventure, community service, teambuilding, expeditions and much more.

The Centre lies in stunningly beautiful natural surroundings located at the edge of the Sierra de Gredos Nature Park. At 1600 meters we enjoy fantastic views on the mountain range and its unique flora and fauna.


We started the Centre based on values that are important to us:

To be able to run an educational business in a responsible and honest way, we are small and independent and we adapt and change what we feel is good for both the clients and our team.

Personal attention for the clients is key, and quality of the services we offer, not because it is required but because we like the interaction with people and seeing that they are enjoying themselves.

Openness and honesty in our interaction with clients and with each other.

We are first and foremost an educational centre so learning is the main goal of Gredos Centre. This is done in our beautiful natural surroundings by doing and experiencing rather than through books.

Our Centre is like a big family home where students and teachers alike feel at ease and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere that our team creates on a daily basis.

Our Team

Nadette is the founder/ director of Gredos Centre.  She has been involved with the Centre from its inception. She fell in love with the Sierra de Gredos when visiting to horse ride with friends. She still enjoys Gredos, its surroundings and the contact with clients when visiting schools.

Raquel is our very organised Office manager and Administrator, she will take care of all the details of your trip.

Juanfran started out as our Biologist but over the years has become the Gredos expert doing all of the excursions and expeditions as well.

Anaïs is a Language teacher. Apart from English she is fluent in German as well. She designs and coordinates all the programmes.

Noelia is a Language teacher, she is also very sport-oriented and loves biology and is supervisor and assessor of the Duke of Edinburgh´s International Award.

Bea is fluent in Spanish and English and is graduated in “Filologia Inglesa”. Language is her thing. She is also supervisor and assessor of the Duke of Edinburgh´s International Award.

Mónica, Bea, and María Jesús are our kitchen and cleaning ladies who cook wonderful meals and spoil you with Spanish tapas. 

Dani is our maintenance person. He keeps Gredos Centre and the land around it impeccable to keep it the beautiful place it is.



Our centre is built in the traditional Gredos mountains style and encompasses a 4 hectare property on the boundary of the Sierra de Gredos national Park.

The main building has an entry hall which is also used as a common room where the groups socialize, watch movies or play games. It has magnificent views of the mountain range.

The total capacity is 50-60 beds. 

The dining room and kitchen are also located here.  

The main building has 4 big bedrooms with bunks, big common bathrooms and 3 staffrooms with a private  bathroom.

The classroom building has 2 classrooms with all the equipment necessary to do the fieldwork tests. It also has a main presentation room where classes are given with audio-visual equipment.

There is a sports field, two outside dining rooms for outdoor classes and eating in the summer and various little cabins for extra sleeping places.

Our Centre offers a safe and opened environment. Come and discover it!