Welcome to our English Summer Camp 2022 Season!

Our camp includes 2h of English classes in the morning and recreational activities in English the rest of the day.

Pricing Plan

7 nights-8 days

  • prices per person VAT included
  • 5% discount when brothers or sisters sign up

And we have a new swimming pool in the premises!

We welcome 8 to 14 year old kids

Pricing Plan

14 nights-15 days

  • prices per person VAT included
  • 5% discount when brothers or sisters sign up

One week programme 1

from Sunday, July 17th to Sunday, July 24th

One week programme 2

from Sunday, July 24th to Sunday, July 31st

Two weeks programme

from Sunday, July 17th to Sunday July, 31st

Tests upon arrival

We ask each participant to make a Sars Cov 2 self diagnoses test before the beginning of the Summercamp.

Small Groups

Max. 39 participants per Summercamp.

Controlled Bubbles

Max. 8 kids per sleeping room.

Double Cleaning

Double cleaning and disinfection of the premises.

Fresh Air

More outdoor activities.

Sanitary measures​

Handwashing before and after each activity. Hidroalcoholic gel in every room.

Double bilingual staff at all hours

The kids are with a team of bilingual qualified staff during all the programed activities and with another team of same characteristics during the times of meals, getting up, showers, free time and night activities. 

There is also one staff member all night long near their bedrooms.  That means our staff have enough time to rest and be focused when it is time to be with your kids.

Classes during the mornings

Most of the lessons are done outdoor and they include games, being enjoyable for the students. The main difference with the rest of activities is that they go over specific grammar and vocabulary topics.

Recreational activities

They are very varied, there are games, creative workshops, sports, archery, swimming pool etc. that are done inside the premises, outdoors or in our classrooms. There are other activities that they will do in the surroundings as biking, nature walks, rope park or horse-riding. 

During some of the activities the participants are divided into smaller groups but then they swap activities so at the end everyone has done everything!

There is place for the free time

After breakfast and lunch, when they can play outdoors, read or write or take a nap in their bedrooms; sometimes there is some free time after dinner too.


The bedrooms are up to max 5 kids (of the same gender) each, there are common bathrooms for boys and for girls separately.

Shower time will be every afternoon after activities and before dinner time.


They will eat in the common dining room; if any child has allergies or needs a special diet due to health reasons or religious observance, we count on protocols for those cases. 

The meals are homemade, cooked by our experienced kitchen staff. The bread is brought every day and it is made in a wood stove at the bakery. 

There is a salad bar available during all meals.

Telephone and communication

You will be able to talk with your kids during the shower time 19:30 to 20 hs (Spanish hour) every two days. Anyway the communication is fluid as there is always staff at the centre to solve minor issues and get in contact with parents firstly in case it was necessary due to some health problem or other reasons.

There is a public ambulatory medical centre in the town near our centre (1.8 km far),  Navarredonda de Gredos that has a doctor and an assistant 24 hs available and has an ambulance in case the patient had to be taken to the main hospital in Ávila (the nearest city 60km far)