The International Duke of Edingurgh Award

Adventurous Journeys

Gredos Centre offers a unique environment for the Adventurous Journey Part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Scheme, from Bronze to Gold level. Adventurous Journeys can be undertaken hiking, biking or horse riding. The main points that make the area ideal for the purpose are the following:

Extensive, varied and unpopulated terrain, a vast amount of trails and a favourable climate.

The Centre provides the whole training and route planning prior to the Adventurous Journey. Our team is expert in mountain training and can assess. Various short excursions have been designed to serve as training routes. We have transport to bring the children to starting points and pick them up at the finish. Equipment such as tents, sleeping mats, compasses, maps, stoves, pans, etc. are available at the Centre.

Gredos Centre is an external activity provider, our staff has completed the Adveturous Journey Supervisor and Assessor Training (SAT) course delivered by the Duke of Edinburgh´s International Award Foundation.

International Youth Award

The IYA scheme encourages and stimulates the energies of students through a challenging programme of activities. A student welfare representative can be taken on a pre visit to sites prior to the finalization of programmes to address any supervisory or safety issues and to discuss programme customization and optimization. Information regarding the flora and fauna and geological makeup of the area can be provided to assist in preparation of coursework to carry out prior to, or during the programme.

We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold award schemes. Absolute Adventure employs a number of accredited assessors within our outdoor team.


For those over 14 years old.
Two days and one night.
Average of 6 hours of purposeful effort per day.
Minimum 12 hours of purposeful effort in total.


For those over 15 years old.
Three days and two nights.
Average of 7hours of purposeful effort per day.
Minimum 21 hours of purposeful effort in total.


For those over 16 years old.
Four days and three nights.
Average of 8 hours of purposeful effort per day.
Minimum 32 hours of purposeful effort in total.

The Award framework

The Award is comprised of three levels and four sections. Participants complete all four sections at each level in order to achieve their Award. 

At Gold level, participants also complete a Residential Project.